Special Introductory Offers

Getting started on your personal journey can be daunting, but once you take that first step and you see the results you can achieve, you'll be ready to elevate your fit. 



Three 45 mins sessions for only $99

Few things will get you better results  — faster — than one-on-one training. Get three mini one-on-one workout sessions with this special offer (includes a fitness consultation). This is a great way to see to take the first step to a stronger, healthier you.


3 people for three 45 mins session only $150.00

Do it with a friend. Why travel the fitness road alone when you can take the journey together? Grab your significant other, a family member or your best friend and sign up for the buddy plan/group sessions. As with individual sessions, Level Up personal trainers individualize every workout for each person involved based on individual goals and fitness levels. You'll spend training sessions focused on strength training, cardiovascular work, and plyometrics.