What we do for you

Level Up Personal Training embraces your uniqueness, tailoring training programs to meet your needs. We partner with you as you travel through your fitness journey, offering advice for healthy living and activities inside and out of the gym.

Our trainers work to create a positive atmosphere focused on celebrating your accomplishments and progress, and believe in the importance of keeping each workout interesting. By keeping you motivated, we enable your body and mind to help you transform into who you were meant to be.

New! Online Fitness Coaching & Personalized Meal Plans!

Take your goals to the next level with online fitness coaching that keeps you motivated and focused. Our personalized meal plans will give you the fuel you need to create and maintain the shape you're working so hard to achieve. Learn more >


One-on-One (in your home, office or at our Petworth gym)

We provide fun and personalized workouts at our Georgia Avenue location that will challenge you and help shape you. Or, choose to workout with one of our trainers in the convenience of your home and / or office. For in-home or office workouts, we bring the equipment you need to make sure you reach your fitness and health goals.

Special offer! Get three 1-1 sessions for only $99 and discover your strength!

Circuit Group Classes

Why travel the fitness road alone when you can take the journey together? Grab your significant other, a family member or two, and sign up for the buddy plan/group sessions. For weight loss and performance, Circuit Group Classes are the most efficient way to get into optimal condition and good shape at a very reasonable cost.