Our goal is to help you reach your goals.

Level Up Personal Training is staffed by professional, certified trainers who have a history of success. Owner Cregory Boatwright is a certified personal trainer and consultant with over 12 years in the fitness business and more than 20 years experience with weight training.

Learn for yourself why customers say Creg is their best motivator.

Our new Online Fitness Coaching and personalized Meal Plans give you the training guidance you need — inside and out — to meet your goals! 

What we offer — a pathway for you to succeed

Work with a Level Up personal trainer in a one-on-one setting at our gym or your home or office. A fitness consultation is included in all one-on-one training packages. This is a great way to a stronger, healthier you. Learn more >

Why travel the fitness road alone when you can take the journey together? Grab your significant other, a family member or two, and sign up for the buddy plan/group sessions or Circuit Group Training to get in shape at a very reasonable cost. Learn more >

One on one at our Petworth gym or in your home or office, in small groups and boot camps or with online videos, we focus on motivating, guiding and training so you get the most from your fitness experience.

Level Up Personal Training's Online Fitness Coaching and personalized Meal Plans will keep you focused and fueled. 
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